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forsaken_virtue's Journal

Beyond Good & Evil...
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The Light shineth into the Darkness, and the Darkness comprehends it not...

Life isn't strictly black and white, but full of blurred lines and messy shades of grey. And there is a certain beauty to all the imperfection and darkness in the world just waiting to be discovered by those of us who care to look for it.
Okay, all the fanciful and verbose speech aside, Forsaken Virtue is a no-pressure community where artists and writers of non-traditional genres can hone their skills and develop new and original works in their respective mediums.

Interested? Here's what you do:

1.) Membership to this community is no longer moderated. Yippee! Which means that to become a member all you have to do is apply.

2.) Once you've applied for membership, kindly introduce yourself here. Tell us a bit about yourselves.

3.) Start Posting.

The Rules (liberally stolen from so many other writing communities, I’ve actually lost count):

1.) Plagiarism + this community = moderator not a happy camper. If you are caught, you will be removed from the community. I will be an ogre about enforcing this rule.

2.) Good spelling, grammar, capitalisation and punctuation are compulsory. This is not negotiable. Therefore, use a beta to catch all the errors that you can't see by the time that you've finished the story.

3.) Work must be posted in the following format:
[your LJ name, and your pen name if the two are different]
Rating: [warnings to be included]

Please bear in mind that your entries must follow the format above, but you are allowed to include any extra notes in your posts if you so desire.

4.) Use a beta.

5.) While constructive criticism will help writers/artists develop over stepping this boundary is not only unnecessary but cruel. Flamers will first be warned, and then removed from the community if they persist. Period.

6.) Use a bloody beta.

7.) Any written work over 100 words is to be placed under an lj-cut (yes, fake cuts are fine), as are any art and/or work containing explicit content. Said content is to be mentioned in your warnings or the moderator will not be a happy camper.

8.) Please, please use a beta.

9.) Collaborations are allowed, but will be limited to only two people per character/pairing.

For anything that has not been covered in the above section, kindly post your queries here.

Final appeal:

It's a sad reality but the moderator is not omnipotent, nor can I always be online.

I am therefore be unable to keep my beady eye on the happenings of everyone at all times. On that note, if you have encountered people breaking the rules, please notify me either via email or through my personal livejournal.

The problems will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Okay, onto the fun stuff…